Yoga for Troopers

This fall a curious reform started in several parts of the U.S. Army. Instead of boring jogging, push ups and pull ups soldiers began to practice the basics of yoga.

Proponents of the reform cite many benefits of this type of physical exercises. One of them – battle with obesity. Regular physical exercises may cause appetite for heavy food rich in fat. Yoga normalizes the metabolism and whet aversion to such unhealthy food. The issue is that important because American nation in whole suffers the problem of obesity in the state scale; and the army is not an exception. Presently, the amount of young men, who try to join the army and fail the physical exam because of overweight, has reached 70%! It all starts in schools, where the hours dedicated to physical exercises and sports reduce annually; instead of playing active games outdoors, students prefer computer games; and healthy food rapidly yields its amount in students diet to fast food.

Beside normal metabolism, yoga improves suppleness, reaction, movement coordination and self-discipline – extremely important qualities for combat trainings. Yoga helps concentrate upon fulfilling tasks; keep calm and self-restrained while suffering pain; and treat brothers-in-arms with respect.

This reform has applied only to 5 military bases, but in future yoga is expected to become even more widespread. Anyway, 14,000 thousand soldiers already enjoy the new system.

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